Convert RAR to ISO

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You don't need to extract files from the *.rar or *.zip files, and there is no need to care about the file format in these files. Just input them to this powerful convert rar to iso, after a few clicks, you will get ISO image files.

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How to Use this Convert RAR to ISO

Add files or folder
Click the Add File(s) button or click File > Add File from the main menu, and select the files you want to make in the dialogue that opens. Once you have selected the files, they will be displayed in the file list. Or click the Add Folder button or select File > Add Folder from the main menu to add the folder you want.
You can also click the New Folder button to create a folder, and categorize the files you add before making ISO image file.

Edit image file
Delete file: Select the file you don't want, and click the Remove button or click Edit > Remove from the main menu to delete it from the image file. If you click Edit > Remove and Delete Source File from the main menu, the source file will be deleted accordingly.
Extract file: Click Edit > Copy to from the main menu to extract any selected files to the local disk.
Also you can make a copy of any selected file, or rename it from the Edit menu.
After editing the image file, you can save it by clicking File > Save option from the main menu.

Check output settings
Set the file name and output folder, and select the output format from the Format drop-down list.

Making image file
After finishing all these, click the Make Image File button or click Actions > Make Image File from the main menu to start the making process.
From the progress bar on the bottom, you can check the making progress.